We are specialized in selling the Optical instruments, covering the industries of Photoelectric, Electronics, 3C, IC package, LCD, Wafer, Optical and R&D department, etc.

With the tenets of “Cordiality, Efficiency & Professionalism”,
we prove to provide the reliable products & prompt service to Customers.

Moreover, with more than 12+ years of our professional experience accumulated, we are proud of serving our customers as Technical Consultant to introduce the products they need but not over-specs.in order to enhance our customers’ competition capabilities.


We are here to offer the turn-key solutions to our customers to upgrade the facilities to meet their needs for Quality Control, R&D and the Manufacturing Process.

All this is to make sure all our customers’ competition & maanufacturing capabilities to meet the International standard. With our enthusiasm & professionalism, we look for mutual growth with our customers to further the relationship to be business partners for ever.